How I spent 6.7k in Feb 😱


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February has been an expensive month, where despite earning 13% more than last month, I spent 37% more 😱

According to my money dashboard, over 80% of the money I spent were on "needs". The most expensive category were the costs associated with my property, which made up close to 60% of all my spending.

With rising costs of living, inflating costs and increased interest rates, I can definitely feel the pain! 😣

How I spent my money πŸ’Έ

Property was my biggest expense this month of around $4000.

Expenses that fell in this category include:

  • 🏠 Mortgage - $1,820

  • πŸ› οΈ Strata - $1,503.08

  • 🚧 Council - $291

  • πŸ’§ Water - $189.20

  • πŸ’‘ Utilities - $108.92

  • 🌐 Internet - $65.32

Property Related Expenses

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Family Related Expenses

Family related expenses also costed me around $800 this month.

  • 🏠 Home Strata - $411

  • πŸ’Έ Mum's Spending - $400

  • πŸ‘Ÿ Mum's Gym - $40

Other Expenses

Other expenses I spent money on this month:

  • πŸ“– UX Research Course - $888

  • 🩺 Insurance, Personal Training & Glasses - $463.01

  • πŸ›’ Groceries - $220.50

  • 🍽️ Eating Out - $152

  • πŸ›οΈ Shopping - $54

  • πŸ’– Personal Care - $26

  • ✈️ Holiday & Travel - $24.16

  • 🎡 Subscriptions - $15

  • πŸ’Έ Business Expenses - $0.58


Although it has been a super spendy month, thankfully these expenses were already accounted for in my budget so they weren't too much of a surprise.

There were things that caught me off guard though such as the increase in my strata fees (from $1,039 to $1,503) πŸ₯² as well as signing up for a UX Research Course to upskill in my new job.

Continue using my money dashboard to keep tracking my income, expenses and savings to ensure I am in control of my money

Reflections for next month πŸ’­

Keep tracking
Prep my own food

I ate out a lot more this month since I worked less from home and had more coffees than I needed - prioritise making my own meals!

Negotiate fees

Make an action to negotiate my mortgage interest rate and expenses to potentially reduce ongoing costs and save.


  • Strata Fees: A quarterly expense that is paid to a third party to manage the apartment and shared facilities, including cleaning and addressing issues

  • Council Fees: A quarterly expense that is paid to mange the local area of the property, such as infrastructure and local events

  • Mortgage: A loan taken out from a bank to borrow money to purchase a property

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